ERP Software Solutions for Textiles

Company profile


Company profile

Intex Consulting GmbH is a consulting and software company, headquartered in Wuppertal/Germany. We are offering ERP solutions for the textile industry. Since our foundation in 1995 we won several new well-known customers. Based on our dynamic growth we attained a leading position in the market. Therefore we built up a co-operation network with famous and internationally operating partners.

Our company is exclusively owned by our own staff. A long-term strategy and a solid equity base shall hedge our further growth.

Our staff is highly qualified and is internationally experienced. This is the most important factor for our present success. We employ (textile) engineers, business economists and IT-specialists. All of them have wide longtime experience in developing and successfully implementing integrated software solutions.

Including our co-operation partners and our international subsidiaries, more than 100 textile and software specialists are selling and implementing our solutions worldwide.

Professional competence and reliability are the key points in the co-operation with our customers. We ensure the high standard of software and implementation projects by modern development tools, training of staff and quality management projects. We constantly check new technologies and economic concepts in order to meet your high demands also in future.

Our internal teamwork is based on corporate elaboration of solutions and a co-operative, constructive

With our modern computer network we serve the complete bandwidth of information technology from desktops to mainframe computers on different commercial and business suitable operating systems and databases.
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