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Our textile standard software intex - ERP Business Suite for the textile industry

intex is not only the name of our company, but it is also the name our main product. It is an integrated ERP Business Suite. We developed our standard software as a complete solution for textile enterprises.
intex includes different modules from purchasing to production planning and scheduling up to distribution management. With this solution intex covers a wide range of business management problems.

Due to its modular conception it is possible to adapt intex to your production type and your organizational structure. intex can be extended and adjusted to modified conditions. This is possible due to the common technical base and the conceptual integration of the modules.

intex is available with identical functionality on various hardware platforms and operating systems such as Windows, UNIX LINUX and IBM System i5 (AS/ 400). intex is a real "3-tier client-server application" and has a graphical user interface. This guarantees the independency of the hardware and the operating systems and the openness and flexibility.

Of course we did not only consider German particularities. intex is a multilingual system and already available in 9 languages and adapted to the characteristics of different countries. This is the reason why intex is predestined for the international use.
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