ERP Software Solutions for Textiles

Our Advantages - your Benefits


Our Advantages - Your Benefits

intex is specially designed for textile companies and is therefore quick to implement and applicable without expensive modifications.

intex joins the functions of a modern ERP system together with the plant data collection (PDC) and the process control (MES). Thereby you obtain reliable information in order to identify problems in your company very quickly. This integration saves costs for interfaces and for operating different systems.

intex was developed for "Just in Time" production. This keeps your inventory to a minimum, releases capital for investments and reduces costs.

intex can be parameterized and adjusted optimally to your company's needs and to the individual workstations.

intex is applicable from the machine to the management and provides transparency and reliable information.

intex reduces the response time of your company, rationalizes and simplifies work routines and makes you stronger to compete in the international market.

intex improves your customer service and makes you a reliable partner with high international service quality. You thereby realize more profit from the actual customer relations.

intex reduces the material usage by analyzing material waste and internal reprocessing and improves the capacity utilization by precise planning.

intex facilitates several significant controlling functions, such as carrier invoice verification, which is manually intractable and saves money.

intex prepares your company for the ISO 9000 certification.

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