ERP Software Solutions for Textiles

intex is lean and adaptable


intex has a lean structure and can be easily adapted

Out of the complete functional range of intex we will elaborate your system and generate it automatically. You will receive a package which meets your requirements. This ensures, that you get an individual solution right from the start. For each version update of intex you will receive a package which is adapted to your needs. This package can be extended at any time. The interfaces to modern office communication, financial accounting, cost centre accounting, CAD, colour metrics, production data acquisition and quality inspection save your investments in existing software.

This package contains the possibility to record specific adjustments of the enterprise in a customer profile.

The following parameters can be administered:
  • By using the data dictionary you can enter your company internal habitual language use; instead of spinning batch you can use lot, instead of cone you can use bobbinÂ…
  • Via key tables you define e.g. how the system shall allocate piece numbers or order numbers, which make-up or terms of payment shall apply and which interfaces are active
  • Through the display control you can permanently or temporarily fade out irrelevant information fields and the corresponding field marking
  • A database controlled menu structure which can be configured for each user group simplifies the administration of the system
  • Through the display profile you can individually decide on the information content of processes, specific field tests, pre-settings and the colored display of the formats
While implementing intex our consultants will assist you with the determination of company specific system adjustments. Also after the implementation we will offer you advice and assistance for eventual modifications.

Despite of all these individual configuration possibilities intex remains a releasable standard software. intex is regularly expanded, but doesn't cause additional administrative efforts by specific adaptations.

The various forms of organization, which are already covered by intex, gives your company management the necessary flexibility for organizational reorganization.

More than 100 "mandants" can be administered in intex. Within one "mandant", several sales or production companies can access the same data pool, e.g. customer master and stocks, without multiple data administration.
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