ERP Software Solutions for Textiles




intex ERP is the heart of your company! It assists you to plan orders and to print them, it monitors the order progress and generates delivery notes and invoices. If this system would not run properly, your mill would loose its gained efficiency very quickly. This is why you need your system to be maintained permanently.

Continuous maintenance and update service will guarantee you the protection of your investment.

Services included in the intex software maintenance

  • Hotline service to support you in case of questions and problems when using the system
  • Technical support via Internet to analyze and fix software bugs
  • Software patches and hotfixes to fix bugs which were recognized in other installations
  • Updates to increase the functionality of the system and to keep it up to date

We keep your system up to date!

  • Each intex version will be better than the previous one. New features, new opportunities will be implemented in the new version
  • The operating systems are steadily changing. Due to these changes also intex, which is running on these systems, needs to be adapted
  • Also the changing user interfaces of the operating system require the adaptation of intex
  • The database structures and programs are modified almost yearly. As intex is running on these databases, it is necessary to meet these running modifications
  • New technologies lead to new requirements, so i.e. the programming of the communication interfaces between intex and sub-systems need to be kept always up to date. If this would not be the case, you would also not be able to upgrade your sub-systems
  • Other software suppliers don't offer any support for software versions which are out of date and also debugging service is only provided for current software versions
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